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A First-Hand Look at Forex Trading - New to forex? You can make money from forex trading and be your own boss. You have to learn about the basics of forex trading before you invest your money in the foreign exchange market.

Choosing The Right Broker - Choosing the right broker for you will be such a great help in forex trading. Consider the following aspects, the broekr's low spread, and the quality of his institution, his programs, and his options on leverage.

Cycle Trend - There are four stages of cycles. Know where cycle you are in for better judgment and better decision making.

Day Trading - This article explores tips that make a successful day trader. Perhaps the most important job of a trader is to control risk. However, a day trader views this from a slightly different perspective.

Effect of Inflation on the U.S. Dollar and Economy - The uncertain state of the U.S. economy, with its far reaching implications, continues to be watched closely by forex analysts and investors. Among the issues that are being watched is inflation, for its effect on the economy can weigh heavily on financial and forex markets.

Financing and Expenditure-changing Policies - Financing implies that the authorities prefer to avoid any marginal reallocation of resources and exchanges. On the other hand, the objective of expenditure-changing policies is to reinforce, actively or passively, the automatic market response to payments disequilibrium when exchange rates are fixed.

Know Your Forex Terminologies - Just like other business, Forex has terminologies that you need to know to keep you going with the trading business. You can't live in the dark and not knowing what other traders are talking about.

Mechanical and Discretionary Forex Trading Systems - Mechanical and discretionary systems are the two kinds of forex trading systems. You should know which kinds of system to use depending on your own skills and experience.

Pairing Up Currencies in Forex According to their Values - The foreign exchange market is also known as the currency market. There are major currencies heavily traded in many countries.

Scrambling for Gold - Governments understandably wanted to avoid a scramble for gold that would have pushed up the metal's commodity value through competitive deflations of domestic prices. A resolution was finally made, and conservation of gold was arranged upon.

The Pivot Point At Trading - Every day the direction of the pivot point changes; as the trader, you have to observe where the market is heading. The trader should deal with trading as best they can to earn profit from the business of Forex trading.

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